Sell A Home Without A Realtor

Looking for information on selling a home without a Realtor? We know the main reason most sellers decide to sell by owner is to save on commission. The often overlooked part of selling by owner is that you will have to create marketing to attract qualified buyers, coordinate and handle calls for showings, negotiate terms in your favor, properly write a contract that protects you and navigate the transactional and legal pitfalls that sometimes popup during real estate transactions. What if there is a cloud on the title, an encroachment on the survey or the buyer is asking for some huge repair? It is helpful to have a professional on your side that has the experience to clear these issues while keeping your best interest in mind. Additionally, most for sale by owners sell for less than agent listed properties washing away all perceived commission savings. So why would you deal with all the headaches just to walk away with less money? Before making the decision to sell on your own, give us a call for a free, no-obligation and no-pressure consultation.

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